Teaching the bow to bend… Making a Longbow

Making a longbow in only two days? No sweat! In their two-day workshops, the bowmakers team of Kunst-Griff introduced many enthusiastic beginners to the basics of making a wooden longbow –demonstrating each action step by step, in a comprehensible and clear way. This compact book, now in color, brings their workshop to you! Covering basic topics like ideal wood selection and the individual parts of a longbow, as well as more advanced construction like tillering, leather grips, bow stringers, Flemish splices and bowyer’s knots in detail, this guide provides you with the basics to get started with the fascinating hobby of bow making.

183 color images, 80 pages, soft cover

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Over a period of 11 years, the authors have made hundreds of traditional wooden longbows, English longbows, Holmegaard bows, Meare Heath bows, flatbows, and conducted countless workshops. For health reasons they had to close this chapter in their lives in 2016. The presented books about bow-making reflect their passion and dedication for working with wood and building bows.

English longbow by Michael Schilling
English longbow with horn nocks


Wood Selection

  • Wood Types
  • Grain Orientation
  • Flaws in the Wood

The Bow Stave

  • Overview: Bow Profiles
  • Marking the Bow Profile on the Stave
  • Example: Longbow
  • Preparation of the Bow Stave


  • Positioning the Stave on the Tillering Stick
  • Finding the “Hinges”
  • Removal of Wood
  • Tool Handling
  • Leveling the Hinges
  • Balancing the Limbs
  • Carving the Nock Grooves
  • Bracing the Bow with the Tillering String
  • Checking the String Alignment
  • Adjustment of the Twisting
  • Tillering Up to the Intended Draw Length
  • Test Shooting
  • Bow Finishing

Leather Grip

  • Shaping the Leather Grip
tools for building a longbow


  • Tools
  • Tillering Stick
  • Bow Stringer
  • Tillering String (Flemish Splice)
  • Bow String (Flemish Splice)
  • Bowyer’s Knot
  • Glossary
  • About the Authors
Making a longbow, building  a longbow by Linda and Michael Schilling
Page 29 – Tillering